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Article: The Guayabera - A Symbol of Latin America

The Guayabera - A Symbol of Latin America

The Guayabera - A Symbol of Latin America

December 5th, 2023

From being worn in traditional, formal, and even causal contexts, the versatility of the guayabera cannot be understated. And in South Florida, the guayabera still remains a statement piece. There is no better place to don a linen shirt than in the tropical climate of Miami. But what is a guayabera, and where did it come from?

The guayabera, a distinctive and iconic piece of clothing, boasts a rich history deeply embedded in the fabric of Latin American culture. Originating in Cuba during the late 19th century, the guayabera emerged as a practical and comfortable shirt designed for field workers. Its name, derived from the Spanish word "guayaba" meaning guava, hints at its possible birthplace in the town of Sancti Spiritus - known for its abundant guava orchards. The shirt's traditional design, characterized by four front pockets, vertical pleats, and intricate embroidery, not only served functional purposes but also became a symbol of craftsmanship.

In contemporary fashion, the guayabera has successfully transitioned from its cultural roots to global prominence. Its versatility has allowed it to find a place in weddings, beach parties, and corporate settings alike, blending tradition with modern style.


Our house take on this garment is a traditional cut made of pure shirting-grade Irish Linen. This linen is sourced from Baird McNutt, a mill whose rich history paired with our house tailoring, brings to life a piece of elegance and class. Shirting linen from Baird McNutt has a soft hand feel and a naturally cool touch. While the color white is usually reserved for more traditional and formal contexts, our colorways from Baird McNutt give even more optionality. Best of all, every Guayabera from our house is custom made for you - giving the opportunity to truly express your individuality.