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The Art of Bespoke

Bespoke tailoring - an unchanged art conceived centuries ago. The process starts with over 20 measurements, followed by the creation of the pattern, or drawing, of the garment - purely from scratch. This forms the foundation of everything we craft. And it is the same method we follow every time.

50 hours - This is the golden amount of time required to complete each bespoke suit. The handwork, passion, and care given by each of our tailors and craftsman is truly woven into each commission. Just as no two people are ever the same, no two suits are ever drawn the same. It begins with an understanding of posture, fit, and style - and ends with a piece that tells the story of the wearer - now, and years later.

Our Clients

"World Class. Just world class. Their attention to detail and making sure I knew everything about my choices made me feel comfortable. Don't look any further."

- Christopher S.

"Tanuj and his team are the real deal. Couldn't be happier to find real bespoke tailoring in Miami. The way the suit fit me was flawless. He even showed me the pattern he drew from scratch for my suit!"

- Keshav P.

"Tanuj was very welcoming and explained everything easily. He gave me good advice on which fabric to select for particular seasons. He is a true expert. Can't see myself going to any other tailor now."

- Andy N.