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About Us

Amalean is a bespoke tailoring house based in Miami offering Bespoke and Made-to-Measure (MTM) services. Our house method comes from a blend of cutting theories & craftsmanship techniques from around the world. Our mission is to deliver sublime, comfortable, and precise attire to every client of ours.

We were founded by a bespoke tailor - Tanuj Amalean. As a former mechanical engineer and the grandson of a master tailor, it was only natural that his path would lead him here. He studied with two master tailors over the course of several years - Master McFarland and Master Doan. Tanuj was one of the last students ever instructed by James McFarland. Years later, after meeting Tanuj and realizing his ability, Master Doan took him under his wing. Tanuj became his first student ever in 40 years.

After his training, he took his talents to New York City. He became a patternmaker at an esteemed bespoke tailoring shop in Manhattan. After patterning suits for a wide range of clientele for close to a year, he left to go back to his home state - Florida. Now in Miami, Tanuj's eponymous brand, Amalean, aims to become the premier bespoke house in South Florida.


Every client is seen by Tanuj for consultation. After a conversation regarding the client's needs (Bespoke or Made-To-Measure), fabric and stylistic elements are selected. Measurements are then taken of the client – accounting for posture, balance, and individual cues.

For Bespoke, the client’s pattern (or garment schematic) is then drawn from scratch by Tanuj; cloth & canvas are then cut and hand sewn to create a basted trial garment in the client’s fabric of choice. After 2-3 fittings are conducted, the garment then goes through the last stage of finishing.

The process of creating a bespoke suit involves multiple fittings to ensure an impeccable fit. During these fittings, we make precise adjustments to the suit's structure and shape, carefully sculpting it to conform to the client's body. These fittings serve as checkpoints to evaluate the shaping of the garment.


All cloth, thread, trimmings, and lining that comprise our suits are of the highest grade sourced in the world. Each pattern drafted for clients is unique, and personally drawn by our head patternmaker from scratch. We spare no expense in crafting your attire.

The foundation of each bespoke suit is comprised of a camel hair/wool canvas - giving the initial shape of the front jacket. This buildup of natural fiber layers, along with the cloth hand-sewn on, is the classical process. A vast portion of each of our bespoke garments is sewn by hand and we pride ourselves in the subtle attention to detail we place on our work. All of our bespoke attire is drawn and cut in Miami and finished in Italy.

The entire process for first-time bespoke clients - from the initial consultation to final delivery, takes 8-9 weeks depending on the complexity of design and the availability of the client for fittings. For returning clients, delivery will take 6-7 weeks. Note: we do offer Made-to-Measure service as well.

Our Legacy

Master Tailor - James McFarland

Master Tailor - Tom Doan

James 'Gentleman Jim’ McFarland is a master tailor hailing from Harlem, New York City. From a young age and humble beginnings, James worked at a garment factory as a machine operator, eventually coming under the instruction of the legendary tailor Orie Wells. 

James and Orie dominated the bespoke suit scene in Harlem, dressing names such as Muhammad Ali and Jackie Robinson. After the downfall of the entertainment scene in Harlem in the early 1970’s, James moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he would pioneer his own illustrious career. Today, James still embodies the entrepreneurial spirit by producing special projects at his workshop in Atlanta, and occasionally interviewing for GQ in his spare time.

Master Doan is a tailor from Vietnam. Growing up, he studied the art of tailoring and patternmaking under his uncle, another master tailor. His passion for bespoke attire knew no bounds; he would sew and draft suits under candle light in the dark of night and spend whatever time he had with his uncle, absorbing everything he could about the art.

Tom moved to the United States in 1990 and established his bespoke tailoring and alterations business. During his ventures he has dressed politicians and notable figures. Tom still continues his business pursuits with the same passion as when he first started.